Can The Prime Minister Ever Really Go On Holiday?

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Can The Prime Minister Ever Really Go On Holiday?

Outlouders, it’s Monday and there’s a bit to discuss...In case you missed it, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in trouble. He announced last week that he was taking a few days off. Then he was photographed slurping on a beer at an NRL game. So is our PM is entitled to a holiday during a global pandemic? And was it even really a holiday?

Plus, why is one very high-profile celebrity couple talking about their extra-marital affairs on a global talk show? Yes, Mia is here to explain the Red Table Talk episode with Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. 

And Holly has a very stern message for non parents everywhere, including Jessie Stephens.

Hosts: Holly Wainwright, Jessie Stephens, and Mia Freedman 

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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