BONUS: The Year Of The Avocado

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BONUS: The Year Of The Avocado

In 2012 it was activated almonds. In 2013 it was quinoa and acai bowls. Last year, Kale stole everyone’s hearts. And in 2016, Australia stopped for Avocado. It’s the fruit of the Zeitgeist. On menus in every corner of the country, beloved by hipsters and health nuts alike, you can buy an avocado facial, avocado chips and avocado brownies, and avocado tatts are up 800%. But its influence went far beyond food and fashion. It sparked an intergenerational war.

Your host was Monique Bowley 

Thanks to Holly Wainwright and Jo Robin

Avocado is written by Luke Escombe and performed by The Vegetable Plot

This show was produced by Monique Bowley

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