The Right To Bare Bottoms

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The Right To Bare Bottoms

Should we be teaching school kids about fertility clocks, egg-freezing and IVF? A fertility expert is calling on high school students to be taught about family planning alongside warnings around the dangers of unsafe sex.

And, we've got a listener dilemma from close to home. What happens when your friends are over for dinner, but you really want to go to bed? It's getting late, everyone's eaten, the dishes are clean, you're how do you drop the hint that you're ready to call it a night and is it rude to tuck yourself in while the guests are still in the house?

Plus, Bikini Wars: Standing up for our right to bare bottoms after a Sydney woman was recently told to cover up, whilst by the pool at her apartment complex. Jessie tells us about the strange duality of social media versus our harsh beachside standards.


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