How The Tennis Fiasco Became About A Woman's Hair

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How The Tennis Fiasco Became About A Woman's Hair

The Australian Open lockdown saga is continuing, but it's a player's partner who's making headlines this week. Vanessa Sierra is the 26-year-old girlfriend, and now coach, of tennis bad boy, Bernard Tomic. The pair are in quarantine and Vanessa Sierra has given an insight into what life in hotel quarantine is really like and the people? The people are NOT pleased with her. 

Plus, having kids only affects your work life in the baby stages, right? Well, no. When radio host Jane Kennedy stepped down from her job this week saying her teen and adult kids needed her around more, it got a lot of people asking, when do kids need you the most?

And, Revenge Bedtime Procrastination, what is it? And are you doing it? We bet you are. 


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