Don't Spend Your Money On These Beauty Products

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Don't Spend Your Money On These Beauty Products

Jessie saw a headline this week that read 'I’m a Beauty Editor, and these are the products I’d never splurge on'. She immediately clicked on it and then realised she has a beauty expert on-hand - Mamamia’s resident beauty expert Leigh Campbell. She comes on Out Loud to take us through the must-have skincare and beauty products and what we can live without. And trust us, you’ll need a pen. 

Plus, it’s been two years since Jessie, Mia and Holly had one of their most emotional throw-downs ever. It was all about the term "As a mother…" and it sparked a huge debate. So much so that we’re revisiting it today because Leigh, once firmly on Team Jessie, has moved to Team Holly.

And of course, we wrap up the week with our best and worst. So what were yours?


If you want more of Leigh's beauty recommendations find her on You Beauty: 

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