Kate Middleton Wants You To Know She Hasn't Had "Baby Botox"

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Kate Middleton Wants You To Know She Hasn't Had "Baby Botox"

Catherine Middleton has made headlines recently after Kensington Palace issued a statement categorically denying that the Duchess of Cambridge had cosmetic work done; specifically ‘baby botox’. So, what is ‘baby botox’? And does everyone secretly have it?

And author John Marsden has caused a bit of a stir after remarking that bullying is really just a form of feedback. The author and educator is promoting his new book The Art Of Growing Up and reckons that if kids just became a little more ‘likeable’ maybe bullying wouldn’t be such a problem. Does he have a point?

Plus, Holly was stopped in her tracks this week by Brigid Schulte’s piece in The Guardian, which was all about why women need more free time. Jessie isn’t convinced. 


Mia: TV show - Working Moms on Netflix
Jessie: TV show - The Hunting on SBS
Holly: Book - Back On Track, by Bernie Shakeshaft and James Knight

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