An Unpopular Opinion About Boundaries

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An Unpopular Opinion About Boundaries

“Here we go again” is what many Melburnians have been saying to each other over the last 24 hours. 15 new cases of Covid have been reported, after a cluster broke out in the city's north. It’s got us talking once again, about vaccines, and the need to roll them out as quickly and as broadly as possible. But almost one-third of adult Australians are vaccine hesitant. Why?

Plus, we're talking boundaries; the “rules” you put around yourself, and it could be about work, or relationships, or friendship, or kids, that mark where it’s okay to go, and where it isn’t.  Apparently, they are a major key to happiness. But are they an act of self-care? Or just plain selfish?

And, According to an article published in The Guardian this week, psychologists have found that there is a general sense of mistrust and even anger towards people who are trying to do good things. So, what's our problem with nice people?

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