The Politics Of A $30,000 Face

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The Politics Of A $30,000 Face

Relationships in the workplace and Hugh Marks: Is it ever ok to date your boss? Over the weekend a high-profile media executive resigned suddenly after his relationship with one of his direct reports was exposed. If there’s no policy in your contract, Holly wants to know if there's anything wrong with dating your boss? Or your boss asking you out?

Plus, Angie Kent appeared on the cover of a magazine yesterday, alongside a headline detailing how much the former bachelorette might spend to 'look' a certain way. Can women ever win when it comes to talking about (or not talking about) what they put in their face? 

And, You've heard about love languages, so what about apology languages? Whether it's with friends, at work or at home, Jessie tells us about the importance of understanding how we prefer to communicate "sorry".


Recommendations: Jessie wants you to watch Totally Under Control. Mia's favourite mascara right now is MCoBeauty. Vote for us in the Australian Podcast Awards Listener's Choice here! Follow us on Instagram @MamamiaOutLoud 


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