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A Message From Mia...

Jessie is sick of hearing Mia talk about peri, and Holly is in complete denial that she might be in peri, so Mia snuck into the pod studio on her own to have a chat about her experience.

Flooding, mood swings, body unfamiliarity, forgetfulness, itchy skin…all of it. She never connected the dots, or considered that it might be perimenopause until she interviewed Dr Ginni Mansberg, bestselling author of ‘The M Word’, for an episode of No Filter.

If you’re in you suspect you’re in peri, or maybe you’re looking ahead and wanting to be prepared - this one’s for you. The Very Peri Summit is bringing together the world’s best experts to give you the most up-to-date advice about peri, streaming direct to you over two nights…and you can watch it back later. You can get your tickets right now at a special early bird price, just click here.

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