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Heartsick by Jessie Stephens

You might have heard of the author of today’s book. She’s the co-host of Mamamia Outloud and True Crime Conversations, plus the Assistant Head Of Content at Mamamia. This episode, we’re discussing Heartsick, our very own Jessie Stephen’s debut novel.

Heartsick follows the separate stories of three real people; Patrick, Ana and Clare. All have incredibly different experiences of falling in love, but are united by heartbreak. Jessie’s tender exploration of love and loss has already made this book an international bestseller, and a favourite in Mamamia’s Book Club community.

Host Billi Fitzsimons is joined by Emma Gillespie, host of Extraordinary Stories, and Lucy Neville, co-host of The Undone. Together they discuss this beautiful and at times, harrowing book, plus their own experiences of heartbreak.

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This episode was produced by Emmeline Peterson