Summer Series: Chelsea Bonner

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Summer Series: Chelsea Bonner

Welcome to the summer series of Lady Startup! The show where female entrepreneurs share the ups and downs of building an empire.

In this special bonus series, we're sharing awesome interviews Mia Freedman did with female entrepreneurs on her podcast, No Filter.

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This week's guest is Chelsea Bonner, Founder of the curve and plus-size modeling agency, Bella Management.

When you open up fashion magazines you’re used to seeing the same type of body on every page and that’s what Chelsea Bonner is trying to change.  

Chelsea is the daughter of top model Nola Clark and the bloke who used to fly the helicopter in Skippy, Tony Bonner.  That bit of information might seem random but growing up in a famous family had a lot to do with how she approached representing talent when she started Bella Management.

Something she’s now, after a lot of hard work, having a lot of success at.  Not least of all because she’s the agent for one of the most famous curve models in the world, Robyn Lawley.

So how do you start your own modeling agency and try to make women feel good about their bodies in an industry designed to do the opposite?


Guest: Chelsea Bonner, Founder of Bella Management

Host: Rachel Corbett & Mia Freedman

Producer: Rachel Corbett & Rachael Hart


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