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Summer Series: Alannah Hill

Welcome to the summer series of Lady Startup! The show where female entrepreneurs share the ups and downs of building an empire.

In this special bonus series, we're sharing awesome interviews Mia Freedman did with female entrepreneurs on her podcast, No Filter.

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This week's guest is Alannah Hill.

Alannah Hill was once one of the biggest fashion designers in the country.  

Her fashion was something very different to the other things you’d see on the rack.  Her runway shows were also a real celebration, not the usual deadpan models walking down the catwalk looking angry, but real women of all shapes and sizes dancing around having a great time.  

There was something unique and incredibly fun about the brand she created but things didn’t end well.  Alannah was removed from her business and now has to see her name on clothing she has no control over.

This interview was off the back of the release of her memoir, Butterfly on a Pin and so it goes into detail about some of the incredible tragedy Alannah has experienced in her life as well as the highs and lows of creating a business you adore but then lose control of.

This chat does deal with adult content that may be triggering.  

If it brings up any issues for you please call 1800 RESPECT or Lifeline on 131114.


Guest: Chelsea Bonner, Founder of Bella Management

Host: Rachel Corbett & Mia Freedman

Producer: Rachel Corbett & Rachael Hart


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