How Sarah Davidson Turned Burnout Into A Business

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How Sarah Davidson Turned Burnout Into A Business

Sarah Davidson was a young, hard-working lawyer with a severe caffeine habit when she was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue - a condition that left her in a state of constant exhaustion. And no, not even 10 cups of coffee a day could help her. 

In a bid to replace her coffee addiction whilst traveling in Asia, Sarah discovered Matcha. A finely ground powder of green tea leaves. Little did she know that that discovery would lead her to start a side hustle called Matcha Maiden and later on, become a full-time self-described fun-trepreneur. 

Sarah is also the host of the Seize The Yay podcast and has just written a book, totally transforming what was once her corporate career into a LadyStartup. So how did she do it? She tells Georgia Love...


You can find out all about Matcha Maiden and Seize The Yay here.


Host: Georgia Love, Co-Founder of Georgia Elliot Sleepwear

Guest: Sarah Davidson

Producer: Mikayla Floriano

Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff 

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