BONUS: The 5 Key Ways To Grow Any Business

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BONUS: The 5 Key Ways To Grow Any Business

You asked. We listened.

You’ve been asking us to create a course for women who already have a business or a side-hustle. Who have stalled or who need to pivot. Who need specific guidance and group mentoring. And that is just what we’ve done.

Welcome to The Rocket Plan. A plan for your next 12 months of business growth, completed in just 3 weeks.

We’ll show you how to save time and skip the anxiety when you create content for social media. We’ll demystify what platforms you should actually be using and the ones to ditch immediately.

You’ll learn how to increase high-quality traffic to your website (that means customers who are more likely to buy from you) and how to understand the chaotic and confusing world of Facebook ads.

We’ll step you through what you need to refine your website design and tweak your sales copy so that you get more customers. We’ll also explain why email lists are even more important for your business than social media and then we’ll show you in detail how to get people onto your list and what to send them.

AND in the 3 weeks of this course, we’ll set you up with a clear plan - a ROCKET PLAN - for the next 12 months of business success. And GROWTH.

The best bit: in our signature Lady Startup style, we’ll build an instant support network around you. Because running a business is hard. And it’s even harder when you’re doing it alone. Nobody has time for networking so we’re providing you with a network; you’ll find your tribe amongst a tight knit community of like minded women who are on the same path you are, all building a better, more successful business.

Plus, when you enrol you’ll receive $753 in bonus resources!

  • Advanced Bonus Module: How To Power Up With Paid Marketing

Valued at $299

  • 10 Scalable Digital Product Ideas

Valued at $29

  • 10 Common Website Mistakes (+ How To Fix Them)

Valued at $29

  • 6 Ways To Boost List Sign Ups On Your Website

Valued at $29

  • Ultimate Time-Saving Content Template

Valued at $29

  • Social Media Marketing Planner

Valued at $59

  • 3x Group Mentoring Sessions With Mia Freedman

Valued at $150

  • Private Facebook Group Support Network

Valued at $129

Yes, I’m ready to grow my business. I want a spot in the Rocket Plan!
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