When Kmart Came Calling: Rachael Sarra’s Art Is Changing Lives

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When Kmart Came Calling: Rachael Sarra’s Art Is Changing Lives

Rachael Sarra knew that if she was going to make it as an artist a great product wasn't going to be enough. She needed to hustle. 

So Rachael endeavoured to diversify her revenue streams.

She upped her engagement on social media, illustrated a book and boosted her brand through collaborations with the likes of Auspost, Hey Tiger and Kmart.

Rachael's work is authentic. It's vibrant, warm and incredibly lively with touches of pink. But it's also deeply personal as it merges her two worlds, that as a young Goreng Goreng woman and a proud Ipswich girl. 

So what is it like working as an artist in 2021 when copying work has become common practice? Does she feel secure working in a service-based industry? And as a young First Nations woman with a growing platform does Rachael ever feel the pressure to represent her people? 

Rachael Sarra joins Georgia Love...


You can keep up with Sar.ra on Instagram and online at www.rachaelsarra.com

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Host: Georgia Love, Co-Founder of Georgia Elliot Sleepwear

Guest: Rachael Sarra

Producer: Mikayla Floriano

Executive Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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