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Abigail Forsyth: Keep Cup

Welcome to Lady Startup the podcast where we find out how to build a business from women who have ditched the 9-5 to become their own bosses. 

Rachel Corbett’s guest today is Abigail Forsyth, founder of everyone’s favourite cafe accessory, the Keep Cup.

Reusable coffee cups are so ubiquitous today, it seems hard to believe there was ever a time when people didn’t want to use them.

But it was only a few decades ago when Abigail was running a coffee shop with her brother that she realised the amount of waste disposable coffee cups were producing that she realised something needed to change. 

And that change would have to start with her creating one of the most well-known brands in Australia.

So how did Abigail manage to not only create a stylish product people wanted but also change people’s behaviour?  

Listen to find out…


Guest: Abigail Forsyth, Founder of Keep Cup.

Host: Rachel Corbett, Founder of PodSchool

Producer: Amelia Navascues


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