Chelsea Bonner Is Changing The Modelling Industry For Good

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Chelsea Bonner Is Changing The Modelling Industry For Good

From Mamamia, this is Lady Startup, the show where we sit down women who’ve turned an idea into a thriving business.

Rachel Corbett’s guest today is the founder of Bella Model Management, Chelsea Bonner.

Chelsea worked as a model and saw, first hand, the impact striving to be skinny had on the women around her.  After a trip to New York where she met people in the curve model industry who were doing things in a way she admired, she decided to start her own agency up back home in Australia.

So how did she manage to take on an industry, built on the belief that smaller is better?

Listen to find out.

You can purchase a copy of Chelsea’s book Body Image Warrior here.

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Guest: Chelsea Bonner, founder of BELLA Management

Host: Rachel Corbett, Founder of PodSchool

Producer: Amelia Navascues


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