Lucy Durack: Musicals, Motherhood, and Making it Work

i dont know how she does it

18 Jun 2017 · 35 minutes

Lucy Durack: Musicals, Motherhood, and Making it Work
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You might know her as 'Glinda the Good Witch' in Wicked. Lucy Durack is the princess of Australian musical theatre. She played Glinda up until she was five months pregnant and suffered morning sickness throughout which led to her running off stage, sometimes seven times a performance, just to vomit.

But she almost didn't get there at all after being told she'd never make it in musical theater. So, she did a semester of a law degree, packed her bags, and moved home to Perth before deciding to give it one last shot. Now, she's just like the rest of us struggling to get her two-year-old to eat vegetables. 

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