Long Shots and Long Blacks: The Unorthodox Life of Ellyse Perry.

i dont know how she does it

09 Apr 2017 · 26 minutes

Long Shots and Long Blacks: The Unorthodox Life of Ellyse Perry.
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Ellyse Perry is kicking goals. Literally. At 16-years-old, she debuted for the Australian women's national soccer team. And she tore up the field. But it seems an international football career intermingled with high school education wasn't enough on the adrenaline front... because within weeks, Ellyse also debuted for the Australian cricket team. What were you doing at 16? I bet it wasn't representing your country in two sports at an International level. Now married, and at the absolute peak of her sporting career, Ellyse and her Australian Wallaby husband Matt Toomua have decided to open a coffee shop. Because why not. 

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Your host is Alissa Warren.

With thanks to Ellyse Perry.

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