Introducing Restart: The Moment Madeleine West Realised Her Relationship Was Over

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From the outside, Madeleine West had it all. A successful acting career, six beautiful kids, a life in Melbourne and a marriage of 15 years. Until a conversation about placemats made her question, 'Is this really what I want?'.

It was in this moment that, Madeleine West chose to press 'Restart' on her life. It was hard- really hard in fact. So has it all been worth it?

On the first episode of Restart, Madeleine explores something almost half of all Australian adults will go through at some point in their lives: divorce. Madeleine speaks to Divorce Coach & Legal and Separation Strategist (and divorcee) Nikki Parkinson, about the reality of a separation.

PLUS has a truly heartbreaking and hilarious chat with comedian and podcast host Helen Thorne, who marriage became immediately unraveled after she found a love note in her husbands jacket pocket...that wasn't from her.

No stone will be left unturned as Madeleine West explores what it is really like to restart your life.


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Host: Madeleine West

Producers: Emmeline Peterson

Executive Producers: Tia Ucich, Elissa Ratliff & Holly Wainwright 

Audio Production: Madeline Joannou

Guests: Nikki Parkinson and Helen Thorn.

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