How To Travel The World With A Wheelchair

Where do you start when you're planning a holiday that needs to be accessible for a wheelchair? What questions do you need to ask hotels? And how do you make sure you’ll be able to do all the activities you want to?

For the past 22 years, Julie Jones and her family have been asking these questions.

Julie's son Braeden was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which means he's non-verbal and uses a wheelchair. But that hasn’t stopped them travelling the world. From seeing glaciers in New Zealand to hiking Kakadu and cruising the South Pacific, they’ve seen a lot.

Julie Jones is trying to change the way we think about accessible travel and she's sharing her story with Holly...


Host: Holly Wainwright

With thanks to: Julie Jones. You can follow Julie's blog here;

Producers: Elissa Ratliff & Rachael Hart  


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