Gemma Sisia: Four Kids, 1,800 Students, and 12,000 Kilometres From Home.

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02 Apr 2017 · 28 minutes

Gemma Sisia: Four Kids, 1,800 Students, and 12,000 Kilometres From Home.
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When Gemma Sisia got on a plane, leaving the family farm for Africa, she thought she would go on safari, do some volunteering and return home to Australia. Instead, she fell in love. With Africa, with its people and with a man. Inspired to help the people of Tanzania, Gemma founded a private school with just $10 and three students. From there, St Jude's has grown to educate more than 1800 African children and many have gone on to study law, medicine and engineering. Now a mum to four Gemma shares what day-to-day life looks like in Africa - a country that resembles a simpler time, where kids are raised by a community, weekends are spent camping with lions and tigers and 'screen-time' is a foreign concept.

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Your host is Alissa Warren

With thanks to Gemma Sisia and Winrose Mollel

You can donate to the School of St Jude here.

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