The Ceremony


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The Ceremony

The bridal party is sorted, you’ve got the dress and now it’s time to talk about what happens when you walk down the aisle.

The wedding ceremony is the ‘main event’ and the reason you're planning a wedding in the first place but so often the details of the ceremony can be an afterthought.

So how do you personalise something that seems so traditional? How far in advance should you book a celebrant/minister/Rabbi/officiant? And how long should the whole thing run for? 30 minutes? An hour?

Well lucky for you, Leish has all the tips and she also speaks to wedding celebrant Josh Withers.

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Order Of Service

Your host with the most is the wonderful Aleisha McCormack. She knows how to make you a Bridechilla like nobody's business. She's also one of the producers of the show.

The other two producers you can thank for bringing this magical podcast to your ears are Elissa Ratliff and Rachel Corbett. They're a couple of spinsters who now know how to plan a wedding.

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