I Only See My Step-Kids 2 Days A Fortnight. Should I Try & Parent Them?

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I Only See My Step-Kids 2 Days A Fortnight. Should I Try & Parent Them?

This week on Help! I Have A Teenager, we answering two of your questions about being a step-parent. 

The first is from Laura, and she wants to know 

First up, we’ve got a question from Laura. 

As a step mother, I often think that my husband is to lenient with his 14 year old son. We have different ideas about him being able to do certain things and go to certain places - he’s off to a lot of parties. My biological son will not be doing these things when he is 14. How can I explain this my son, that he’s not allowed to do what his brother did at the same age?

And the second question is from Janey. Who's wondering...

I’ve got three step children who we see every other weekend, and I’m finding it really hard to parent them for 2 days…am I better being their friend?

As Ginni is herself a step-mum, she's got some very helpful answers...



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