The Pointy End #3: What Dad Saw

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The Pointy End #3: What Dad Saw

The Impregnator. The Inseminator. Dad. Whatever you call them, partners have a big part to play in your birth. Even if that's just staying quiet, holding your hand and acting as a human stress ball. 

Bec’s husband (and football royalty) Chris Judd joins us in the studio to tell us what birth is like when you’re not the one doing the birthing. From how dads can support a heavily pregnant woman, to how they can manage their own nerves in the birthing suite and help without getting in the way. And the love! Oh yes, the love between a dad and his brand new baby is something truly special.

So grab your dad-to-be, plonk him down on the couch and tell him he's taking Juddy's birth class. 

Show Notes

Your hosts are Monique Bowley and Bec Judd 

With thanks to dad Chris Judd

And the wonderful Dr Joseph Sgroi 

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