Got The Sunday Sads? Here Are Three Things That’ll Help

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Got The Sunday Sads? Here Are Three Things That’ll Help

Ahhhh, that Sunday night feeling of not knowing what the week will bring at work, at uni or at school. The feeling of uncertainty, of a long week ahead, of getting back into the monotony of a routine. Chances are you’ve felt the Sunday Sads once or twice in your life. Or, if you’re like us, most weekends. 

Thankfully your local friendly witch, Allira is here to cast a spell on you and it make it all better (just kidding!). No, but seriously, Allira has some easy and actionable practises, affirmations and some not-so-witchy activities (for the wellness sceptics) that'll give you a helping hand prepping for the week ahead.


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Host: Allira Potter

Executive Producer: Tia Ucich 

Producer: Mikayla Floriano

Audio Producer: Rhiannon Mooney  

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