Hypnotherapy: It’s Not As Woo Woo As You Think

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Hypnotherapy: It’s Not As Woo Woo As You Think

Okay. Hear us out.

Hypnotherapy isn't all pendulums and falling asleep. For some people it's an actual tool that's helped them overcome their anxiety and traumatic past. 

Georgie Collinson is an Anxiety Mindset Coach, RTT Hypnotherapist, Naturopath and Nutritionist who swears by the practise. As a convert herself, hypnotherapy helped her to overcome her own struggles. She joins Allira to breakdown the stigma and science behind the very woo-woo practise. 


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Host: Allira Potter

Guest: Georgie Collinson

Producer: Mikayla Floriano

Audio Producer: Leah Porges 

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