4. Linda Evangelista: The Paradox Of The Ageing Supermodel

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4. Linda Evangelista: The Paradox Of The Ageing Supermodel

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Why Linda Evangelista disappeared from public life in 2016, while her peers were still ruling runways, gracing magazine covers and spearheading beauty campaigns was a mystery. Until an Instagram post in September 2021, where she revealed herself as the victim of a rare side effect from a cosmetic procedure. Instead of freezing fat cells, Linda claims she experienced the opposite. In her quest to remain one of the most beautiful women in the world Linda, in her own words felt "deformed."

As Linda pursues a multi-million dollar lawsuit, in this final episode we dive into the paradoxical world of beauty and the unique pressures faced by ageing supermodels.


Host: Emma Gillespie
Written and Produced by Sydney Pead & Emma Gillespie
Audio Production: Madeline Joannou
Executive Producer: Sydney Pead

With thanks to

Paula Joye, Former Editor of Cleo, Stylist - @paulajoye
Kirsty Clements - Author of Why Did I Buy That?
Laurie Marsden - Former Model, Psychotherapist
Nicole Bonython-Hines - Stylist
Dr Vivienne Lewis - Psychologist
Dr Cara McDonald - Dermatologist
Leigh Campbell - Executive Editor, Mamamia
Jason Sheeler - Deputy West Coast Editor, PEOPLE Magazine and Co-Host of PEOPLE in the '90s - @jasonsheeler


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