2. House Of Grimaldi: The Runaway Bride

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2. House Of Grimaldi: The Runaway Bride

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To lock down the future of the Grimaldi dynasty, Prince Albert II needed to marry and produce a legitimate heir. So when he met South African olympian Charlene Wittstock, the palace breathed a sigh of relief. Beautiful and elegant, Charlene would make the perfect princess. But when Albert’s past life as “The Playboy Prince” caught up with him, the star-studded princely wedding in Monaco almost had everything except a bride. The tabloids were reporting Albert had a new love child, and that Charlene had tried to escape the tiny country three times. The world wondered if Charlene really wanted to marry into the Grimaldi family, and if she did, why was she crying on her wedding day?

Host: Emma Gillespie
Written and Produced by Sydney Pead & Emma Gillespie
Audio Production: Madeline Joannou
Executive Producer: Sydney Pead

With thanks to:
Professor Chandrika Kaul- Historian, University of St Andrews
Maddalena Maestrostefano - Royal Correspondent, Royal Central
Chelsea McLaughlin - Entertainment Reporter, Mamamia

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