2. Belle Gibson: The Email No One Wanted To Believe

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2. Belle Gibson: The Email No One Wanted To Believe

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Belle Gibson was travelling to Queensland for a funeral when she was first contacted by Melbourne newspaper, The Age. Reporters were seeking clarification. They wanted to know exactly how much of the money that Belle was making was going to charity. By 2015, The Whole Pantry had become a hugely successful app, blog and book. Belle had always publicly pledged that a sizeable chunk of the money it was making was being redistributed to charities and various worthy causes, but was that true? In this episode of Extraordinary Stories, we’ll learn how it all came crashing down for the so-called 'Wellness Warrior,' Belle Gibson, and how a woman who once provided hope for some of the nations most vulnerable people, exploited them for cash and clout.

With thanks to
Bronwyn McCahon,
Tara Brown
Tom Cowie
Marc Feldman
James D'Apice
Kylie Willey


Host: Emma Gillespie

Writers: Emma Gillespie and Holly Wainwright

Producers: Melanie Sauer and Emma Gillespie

Audio Production: Elissa Ratliff and Madeline Joannou

Executive Producer: Holly Wainwright and Elissa Ratliff


The Woman Who Fooled The World by Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscano 

Fake Medicine by Brad Mckay

The Girl Who Conned Us All by Clair Weaver https://www.nowtolove.com.au/news/real-life/belle-gibson-the-whole-story-10129 





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