How To Overcome Bullying

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How To Overcome Bullying

On the final episode of Ask Me Anything, we're talking about dealing with conflict. 

It's an icky topic that even makes adults uncomfortable, but during your tween and teenage years, conflicts are incredibly common and part of life. But that doesn't make them any easier. 

And Bec has some very handy tips on how to handle it all. 

Ask Me Anything is the podcast for any girl in your life looking for answers. And the questions answered on today's show are: 

There is a girl at school who has started hanging around my friends.  She hasn’t asked to hang out with us - she has just turned up. My friend and I find her annoying but we don’t want to be mean.  What do we do?

What do you do if you don’t have a tribe at school? 

One of my friends has started making fun of me (about my hair) in front of other people? I really want her to stop.

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Host: Rebecca Sparrow

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