The Power Switch: When You're Parenting Your Parents

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The Power Switch: When You're Parenting Your Parents

Growing up, your parents are your world, and sometimes sooner than you think the carers become the ones who need to be looked after.

Welcome to the ‘sandwich generation’ sometimes you’re parenting young children and your parents at the same time, and all the while you are trying to hold down a job and still have a life.

It’s tough, we see you and this episode is for you.

This episode we are speaking to Jean Kittson, who knows the job of parenting parents so well she’s written a how-to book about it. We’ll also speak to author and podcaster Ali Daddo who is right in the middle of this tricky time.

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Jean Kittson
Ali Daddo

Hosts: Narelda Jacobs & Cathrine Mahoney
Executive Producer: Talissa Bazaz
Audio Producer: Madeline Joannou

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