WTF Is Happening To Me?

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WTF Is Happening To Me?

Welcome to the very first episode of 456 Club, hosted by journalist and Studio 10 presenter Narelda Jacobs and author and podcast host Cathrine Mahoney.

We’re kicking off talking about menopause, and peri menopause and everything in between. From mood swings, to sleep anxiety to a dry vagina, it can be a lot. Especially when you’re going through it and you don’t know where to turn. Narelda has been through it, and Cath, well, she isn’t sure.

Today, we’re joined by Ali Daddo, model, author and someone currently going through menopause and expert Dr Linda Dear to arm us with all the information we need.

Ali Daddo - you can grab a copy of Queen Menopause here
Dr Linda Dear - here's the link to Dr Dear's survey

Hosts: Narelda Jacobs & Cathrine Mahoney
Audio Producer: Madeline Joannou
Executive Producer: Talissa Bazaz