Letting Go & Growing Closer To Your Adult Children

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Letting Go & Growing Closer To Your Adult Children

This week on the 456 Club we are talking about the complexities of parenting children who aren’t children.

How do you maintain healthy boundaries? Can you be friends with your kid? And what do you do when you profoundly disagree with choices your adult child is making?

This episode we speak with Mia Freedman, about her relationship with her adult son, becoming a grandmother, and what the experience is like transitioning from ‘ your child’s manager to their consultant’.

Plus, we’re joined by Family Clinical Psychologist Jo Lamble to help us navigate ways forward when things don’t go as planned.

Mia Freedman, co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Mamamia
Jo Lamble, clinical family psychologist and co-host of Help I Have A Teenager.

Hosts: Narelda Jacobs & Cathrine Mahoney
Executive Producer: Talissa Bazaz
Audio Producer: Madeline Joannou