My Mother’s Daughter.

Is your Mother the mothering type? Are you? Did you learn your style of mothering on your Mother’s knee or are you actively parenting in opposition to how you were raised? If the mother you got was not the mother you needed how do you deal with that? This episode of The Well is all about the complicated relationships that we have with our Mothers – what we’ve learnt from them, what we need to learn from them and what we are mindful to pass down the line to our children.

Robin and Bec are the first to admit that they’re not ‘Super Mums’ – if you can’t cook or sew on a button or wonder if you’re the only Mum who feels isolated and behind the 8 ball then this ones for you.

With a bonus challenge to help disarm the cliques at the school gate, this episode of The Well really is “The Mother” of all episodes…

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