Ninja Warrior, Game Of Thrones & Doctor Who Controversy.

Confused about whose arm appeared out of the trap door on the first episode of this season’s Game Of Thrones? Wondering what Arya Stark’s face swapping means for the rest of the season? Appalled by the fact that Ed Sheeran was on the show? If you’re feeling all the feels about Game of Thrones you are not alone, Clare and Laura are here to talk you through everything, especially why Ed Sheeran really shouldn’t have been on the show. Plus, host of Ninja Warrior Ben Fordham speaks to Laura about why he would never have a go on the Ninja course, and who he hopes to see on the show in Season 2. Doctor Who just became the most important TV show of the year for a very (very) good reason. But people aren’t happy. And Laura tries to convince Clare to watch Tom Hardy’s new show, Taboo. But will she be successful?

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