Humanity At Its Best.

The world is on a high after the 12 Thai boys and their soccer coach were rescued from a cave, so Mia, Rach and Jessie discuss why the world is so obsessed with this good news story.

As Jessie wrote: It is a story about the incredible strength of the human spirit, of triumph over adversity and a testament to what we are all capable of.
At a time when our news is dominated by disaster -t his is the story the world needed.

Rescuers gathered at Tham Luang cave from all over the world, Britain, Australia, the United States, China and Japan, leaving their families and their jobs at a moments notice, to save the lives of 13 people they had never met.

The last person to leave the cave was Dr Richard Harris, whose job it was to check the boys’ condition before clearing them to dive. He did not leave until the last boy was rescued.

It is this news story, of the 13 who escaped the Tham Luang cave in Thailand, which reminds us the lengths humans will go to, to secure their freedom.

Plus, did you know the royals save their wedding cake to eat at their kid’s christening? Yep, they just served some fruitcake that has been in the freezer for the past 7 years for Prince Louis’ christening.

And Kylie Jenner got her lip filler dissolved so Rach speaks to our resident beauty expert Leigh Campbell about how this actually happens…


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