Get Your Eggs On Ice.

We need to talk about eggs. Not the ones you eat for breakfast but the ones, if you are a woman, you’ve got in your ovaries. Why you ask? Because Rachel froze hers this week and we have a LOT of questions.

Plus, we unpack the interview with Barnaby Joyce and Vicki Campion that has everyone talking.

On Monday night’s episode of Q&A, politician Jacqui Lambie said: “Look, I’m going to be brutally honest and I have been about this all the way through.

“This is beyond a midlife crisis. This is not the Barnaby Joyce I know. I am concerned about his mental welfare.”

But is it actually beyond a midlife crisis? Or is that the perfect explanation?

In all the coverage of the Joyce saga – particularly his decision to accept $150,000 for an interview with Seven Network’s Sunday Night – the subject of his ‘mental welfare’ has not been seriously broached.

It’s not difficult to see why. There are a number of victims in this story; his ex-wife, his four daughters, his son who never asked to be thrust into a media storm, and even his former staffer who had images of her splashed across every newspaper in the country. Joyce certainly isn’t anywhere near the top of that list.


And #MeToo is back in a big way so we get you up to speed on everything you need to know.


Hosts: Jessie Stephens, Mia Freedman and Rachel Corbett

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