We Don’t Wear Skirts To Work

No one tell John Laws, but in this workplace, women actually wear pants. This week, we take a look at some other casual sexism from the week. But don’t get your frilly knickers in a knot; because it’s alllll just a joke.

Earlier this year it was Bernard Salt who said Millenials can’t afford houses because they spend too much on smashed avo. Now a millionaire property tycoon says it’s our addiction to lattes and the finer things in life that is stopping us stepping onto the property ladder. Does he have a point? There’s a new slow-dating app but not everyone is convinced.  Bill Gates has answered the all-important question; What’s the best age to give your child a smartphone? Plus, we need to talk about the post-baby selfie. You know the one; a bikini shot just days after your placenta plopped out.  Is it empowering, or a punch in the guts to other women?


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