Colombian Prisons, Cougars and Facebook Shame.

One minute, Cassie Sainsbury was a 22-year-old who was buying headphones for her wedding. The next, she’s in a Colombian prison under drug charges. Why are we so obsessed with this story? The AFL has made history again, with Hawthorn hiring their first female CEO. Is it cynical to think it’s another glass cliff situation? Vogue have announced the Wedding Trends That Are Sooooo Over For 2017 and we can’t help but dissect. Is it still taboo for women to date men significantly younger than them? Does age in relationships really matter all that much?  Everyone loves Masterchef, (including us), but does it need a female judge quota introduced or are we cooked in the head? And if Facebook’s targeted ads are making you feel bad about your life, join the club.


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