How To Get Married Without Going Broke.

Now you’ve gotten the engagement out of the way, how do you plan your dream wedding without having to sell an organ to pay for it?  Does using the word “wedding” really make a quote three times higher?  And how do you keep those family members or ‘wedding donors’ from trying to take control in exchange for their generosity?

Hopefully by now you are both on the same page of what you want to spend on your wedding how much money you’re willing to put aside before you go out and book anything before you spend any money. You really should come up with a goal amount. You should work together to create your wedding budget and really be on the same page.

There’s no denying weddings are expensive and it’s easy to feel pressure to spend way more than you can afford.  But is a wedding any better if it’s four times the price or should you worry more about staying out of debt so you can start your new life on the right foot?

There’s nothing uncool about sticking to a budget and in this episode of Hitched we’re here to help you ditch perfection and stick to your budget.

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Your host with the most is the wonderful Aleisha McCormack. She knows how to make you a Bridechilla like nobody’s business. She’s also one of the producers of the show.


The other two producers you can thank for bringing this magical podcast to your ears are Elissa Ratliff and Rachel Corbett. They’re a couple of spinsters who know how to plan a wedding.

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