Are Sulfates Evil And Do You Need Primer?

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The day has finally arrived!  

Episode one of our brand new beauty podcast, You Beauty, is here and our hosts Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren are bronzed, moisturised and ready to answer all your questions.

On this episode beauty expert, Leigh will tell you whether you’ve been wasting your time with primer and if you should be as scared of sulphates and silicones in shampoo as everyone says you should.

“I personally think primer is a waste of time… I don’t believe it’s necessary for a regular girl’s Monday to Friday makeup routine,” Leigh said.

“I think primers are more useful for women with dry skin who need moisture. For me, I want to stay dewy and the primers I’ve tried for oily skin are mattifying… super mattifying and then I look like I’m wearing a face of powder.”

“I often use eyelid primer, which is separate to face primer. It’s essentially the same thing because your eyelid is super oily, so I’ll use one on my eyelids so my shadow doesn’t crease and my eyeliner doesn’t transfer or slide off everywhere.”


Plus in our Spendy/Savey segment we’ll tell you about the $3 face mask that actually works!

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Hosts: Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren

Producer: Rachael Hart



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