The Anal Episode.

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Butt play gets a bad rap but is it really something to be ashamed of? And if you’re not a fan is it because it’s not for you or because you haven’t properly prepared yourself?

From figuring out which lube to use so you’re not screaming in agony to dealing with the ‘poo problem’, this is a no-holds-barred conversation about bum fun that’s guaranteed to answer every pervy question you’ve ever had.


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“Okay, so when my husband and I first met we went a bit crazy and had a lot of anal sex. I sort of liked it for a while but it took A LONG TIME to be ready for it, if you know what I mean? Now we haven’t done it in years. But what happened was we sort of were in this weird sexual phase were we were conflicted between vaginal and anal and just random stabbing in random holes (WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING).


So my husband started doing both and I ended up with a horrible infection that smelled like a rat had crawled up my vag and died. I didn’t realise it was because of our irresponsible sexual behaviour until the FOURTH time I had to go to the doctor and he was like, “What are you guys doing? Don’t you know that once you go to the back during sex you can’t go back to the front?” He referred me to a sex education course. I was MORTIFIED.


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