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Is it just us, or is 2013 zooming along at a terrifying rate? It’s ALMOST EASTER. And here’s more evidence: we’re already up to our FOURTH Mamamia podcast (and we think it’s the best yet).

It seems like only yesterday a lightbulb labelled ‘Mamamia podcasts!’ popped up over Mia’s head, and now Mia and Jam are effectively podcasting pros.

Well, okay, ‘pros’ might be a stretching the truth a liiittle bit. The tech side of things is still a challenge but it only adds to the fun (and by fun, we mean um… shamozle).

You can listen to our earlier podcast here, here, and here. This time around, Mia and Jam are chatting about young girls and body image and the debate over whether or not athletes should pay HECS that has us fired up at Mamamia HQ.

Click here to tune in – and don’t forget to join the conversation in the comments section below: