A golf club, a Playboy model and buttocks. This was never going to end well.

A model is suing Playboy Enterprises and a radio host for $500,000 for damages to her bum.

The radio host, Kevin Klein, whacked her on the bum with a golf club when he was trying to hit a ball off a tee – stay with us here – that was clenched between her buttocks.

Yep, I think we’ve all been there.


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Elizabeth Dickson, a Playboy model, claims she never consented for Klein to actually hit the ball, only for it to be staged shot. In the lawsuit filed she’s suing for damages caused from the pain, worrying and anxiety she suffered as a result of the incident.

It happened at a 2012 golf outing sponsored by Playboy magazine.

TMZ first broke the story, and has another exclusive – the audio recorded from the day.

Kevin says to Elizabeth: “Would you allow me to place a golf ball on a tee in your butt and attempt to tee off a shot right now down this first fairway?”

Liz initially responds, “Maybe” … and then says, “What did I get myself into?”

Moments later, she lays down on her stomach and allows a member of Klein’s team to place a tee in her butt … and seems to be 100% in on the stunt.

At one point Klein asks, “How does the golf tee feel in the butt?”
Liz responds, “Ummm … it’s poking my butt.”

Klein asks, “Do you enjoy it at all?”
Liz responds, “I love it.”

Eventually, Klein takes a swing and smacks Liz in the cheek. When asked if it was painful, she says “it hurt” … but never seems to object to Kevin taking a swing in the first place.”

Due to her line of work, we guess the bruise meant she was out of action for a period of time but is a bruise worth half a million dollars? Does she have a right to sue? And since it was a workplace injury, shouldn’t Playboy cover her medical expenses (reportedly $33,000)?

Over to you folks…

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