Was Play School's arch window your favourite? Read on ...

The Play School window. Admit it, you had a favourite.

Up until the year 2000, when the whole of Play School was given a makeover, there were only three different windows to choose from – the Square, the Round or the Arch. (The Diamond was introduced in the overhaul and probably means very little to those us who aren’t Play School purists.)

The playschool family

Watching it as a kid all those years ago, there was always something exhilarating about your window being chosen. It didn't matter which presenter - Benita or Noni or John or George - told us 'where we were going today', as long as our window opened to the destination.

The circle window. It was always the circle for me.

But what does your choice say about you as a person? It turns out quite A LOT.

Psychologist Raymond Schultz says: “Day in and day out, shapes are an elemental part of our lives, and the ones that you’re instinctively drawn to directly relate to the most basic aspects of what it takes to make you happy.”

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Here's what you choice of Play School window says about you.

The SQUARE window.

You’re an organised, logical and hardworking person who likes structure and rules. But sometimes you have trouble making decisions because you always want more information.

How to spot a square window person: They move stiffly, use precise gestures, love routine and are very concerned with detail. They’re also very neat in their appearance and work space. They do a lot of planning and are always prompt.

Prediction: You have become an accountant or something equally ordered and structured. You are adorably awkward, and if we opened your wallet, every note would be found facing the same way in ascending dollar value.

Heaven help the person who makes you late.

The square window or as it should be known - The Type A personality window.

The ROUND window

You’re a “people person” with lots of sympathy and consideration for others. You listen and communicate well and are very perceptive about feelings. You like harmony and hate making unpopular decisions. A circle is the glue that holds the team or the family together.

How to spot a round window person: They’re friendly, nurturing, persuasive and generous. They tend to be relaxed and smile a lot. They’re talkative, but have a mellow voice. They also have a full laugh and love to touch others on the shoulder and arm.

Prediction: You are now either a masseuse or a social worker. You also have 17 cats and three dogs living in your house because you find it impossible to turn away any creature in need.

The circle window. You are just basically a lovely, lovely person if this was your fave. (Image via YouTube)

The ARCH window

The arch shape symbolises leadership. The main ability of the arch is to focus on goals and deeply and quickly analyse situations. An arch is a very confident person who wants to be right in everything. Arches find it difficult to admit their mistakes, are easy to train, and absorb information like a sponge. Their career gives their life meaning. Negative qualities: excessive self-absorption.

Take a look back at some of our favourite Play School moments. Post continues after gallery:

How to spot an arch window person: They are very good at presenting the importance of their own work to senior management, can sense profitable business decisions from a mile away, and, struggling for success, may “knock heads” with rivals.

Prediction: You should be, or you will be, the prime minister, albeit briefly. For now, you are probably in some equally high-powered position where you aren't really liked and those around you are plotting your downfall. Basically you're Bill Shorten. I'm sorry arch lovers, the outlook isn't great.

The arch window. Or as it should be known, the narcissist window.

The arch window is apparently the most likely to be chosen by a young child and even has its very own Facebook page. Either that means Play School helped predict narcissism very early on in a child's life or as we suspect, this is really all just a bit of fun.

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