FLUFF: Woman spends $25,000 to look like Jennifer Lawrence.

So we’re all agreed that 23-year-old Hollywood darling Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

But, ah, most of us wouldn’t undergo six hugely expensive plastic surgery operations to get her face…

Enter a 30-year-old Texan woman who has done just that, live on national television. The woman known as Kitty, a professional dog trainer with a husband and 5-year-old daughter, has spent $25,000 so that cosmetic surgeons can make her look more like J-Law.

For real.

Here’s Kitty with a life-size cardboard cut-out of Jennifer, for inspiration.

Kitty told ABC News in America that she wanted to undergo surgery for her little girl’s sake: “The reason why I decided to get surgery is because post having my daughter, I wasn’t quite as comfortable with my body,” she said.

Kitty spent six hours in surgery at First Surgical Hospital in Houston, Texas. She had a breast augmentation, liposuction to areas of her face and body, rhinoplasty, and fat grafts to plump her cheeks and behind.

Here she is, leaving her procedure with a new-ish face…

So… What does Kitty’s husband make of this enormous, life-changing, face-changing, body-changing decision?

He’s, ah, kid of indifferent actually.

“Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a celebrity that I have particularly strong feelings about one way or another,” he said. “It’s totally her choice.”

It was also her choice to put aside money from her previous job, into what she calls a ‘me fund’ to pay for her exorbitant procedures. She told TV producers she still has enough moolah to pay for her daughter’s college education and living expenses. She also reportedly got a whopping discount because she shared her story on TV.

As for the results? Here’s Kitty, post-surgery.

And Kitty’s verdict? “Of course I look like Jennifer Lawrence,” she gushed. “I thought I had a resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence before my surgery and now I think after, my features are more refined to where they resemble her more.”

What do you think? Scroll through some genuine J-Law photos and tell us if you see the resemblance…


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