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What's Pippa going to reveal in her first-ever TV interview?

Kate’s sister is usually seen and not heard. Until now…

US Today Show presenter Matt Lauer flew 2,000 miles, from the United States to London, to speak to a very special guest. A guest who has never spoken publicly before.

He sat down for an hour-long interview with Pippa Middleton.

Pippa opened up about what it’s like to be her, and to be fawned over by the vast populace of males when she wore THAT bridesmaid dress (or when she wears anything, really).

Ms Middleton was in America last week completing a charity bike race, but returned to her native Britain for the interview.

America’s Today Show has released a teaser, but the interview won’t be publicly aired until Monday and Tuesday next week.

We suspect Pippa is too loyal (and well-trained) to spill any real details about her sister’s royal life, but we can dream…

Here is the teaser on US Today:

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