Tuesday’s news in two minutes.

One of the PIP implants.
One of the PIP implants.




1. A lawsuit against the Australian distributor of the faulty PIP breast implants has been dropped because the importer reportedly had limited liability insurance. Around 1000 women in Australia had joined the lawsuit after a number of women around the world with the French-made implants experienced ruptures.

2. Amanda Knox – the US woman who was famously acquitted of the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher in Italy – is anxiously waiting to hear whether her acquittal will be overturned.  Prosecutors in Italy have reportedly appealed to the high court for a retrial. Knox was acquitted of Kercher’s murder in 2011 after four years in an Italian jail.

3. The latest Newspoll has delivered disastrous results for the federal Labor Party. According to the survey, the Coalition has a 20 per cent lead over the Labor Party in the primary vote. On a two party preferred basis, the Coalition leads Labor 58 per cent to 42 per cent.

4. Research from The University of Sydney has found many low income Australian families are going without food in order to cope with the rising costs of their energy bills. According to Lynne Chester up to 75 per cent of low income earners are making the cuts – and some are also selling their possessions.


5. A Norwegian professor has made the suggestion that airline passengers should pay their fares according to what they weigh. Dr Bharat P Bhatta said that weight and space should be taken into account when charging for seats on a plane and that someone would weighs 60 kilograms should pay half of what someone who weighs 120 kilograms pays. “As weight and space are far more important in aviation than other modes of transport, airlines should take this into account when pricing their tickets,” he said.


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