Your 3pm pick-me-up: Snow leopard cubs. 'Nuff said?


Welcome to today’s 3pm Pick-me-up. It’s one in a new series of posts here on Mamamia, where we try and brighten up the hardest part of the afternoon.

This is a sponsored post designed to help to lift you out of that inevitable mid-afternoon lull with Aussie Bodies LO CARB bars, the smart snack when sugar cravings kick in. All opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

Officeworkers are realising that they only took lunch two hours ago, and still have that long – if not longer – stuck behind their desks. Stay-at-home parents are trying to savour those last few minutes of freedom before they have to pick up the kids from school and kindy. Students are halfway through a particularly dense two-hour lecture which should never have been scheduled for such a sleepy afternoon slot.

Members of every cross-section of society are staring at their clocks with angry eyes.

And, to make matters worse, today is Friday. A day that has been scientifically proven* to be the 3pm-iest day of the week.

To be honest, everyone’s having a lot of feelings. None of them good.

But, after watching this viral video, we promise that those feelings will fade away.

Because: snow leopard cubs.

So, get up from the computer and make yourself a cup of tea and a snack. Then, settle down and watch these adorable snow leopard cubs from the Bronx Zoo do their thing:

*By us. Right now. Because we say so, and it’s 3pm, and you don’t really wanna start an argument with us and our low blood sugar levels.

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